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So, first things first.... do you LOVE weddings? Ok, great, that's the first step! Do you love photography? Excellent, this is a must for us. Photographs have the power to document history, to preserve a legacy and to truly change lives. In a society where cameras are literally in the palm of our hands nearly 24/7, what makes professional photography so special?

Skill. Precision. Dedication. Anticipation. Experience. Especially when it comes to "once in a lifetime moments" like weddings, it is vital to ensure the right people are in place with the right tools to capture it all! Because "once in a lifetime moments" do not get Do-Overs.

As MLP has grown, we are now hiring additional associate photographers to offer an additional option for inquiring brides who love our style, but perhaps cannot afford to hire myself or for when we are already booked for a date!

This isn't just about picking up a camera, taking some photos and getting paid. There is so much more to it.... paying taxes, buying insurance, managing expenses, ensuring you have professional gear AND backup gear, continuing to invest in photography education and conferences, having a solid workflow, knowing how to edit images, backing up and storing digital files, marketing and networking to continue growing the business, and so much more. This is all a huge reason that many photographers never make it as "full-time" professionals who can actually make a living at their craft. 

If you're looking for a way to photograph weddings and not have to worry about the business side of things, read below and connect with us if this sounds like you or someone you know!

We are looking for EXPERIENCED associate photographers! Specifically, we are looking for LEAD PHOTOGRAPHERS, who may also act as second photographers to myself. Ideally, these photographers have photographed at least 5-10 weddings, preferably as a lead photographer. STRONG PREFERENCE GIVEN TO EXPERIENCED WEDDING PHOTOGRAPHERS WITH 20+ WEDDINGS PHOTOGRAPHED AS A LEAD PHOTOGRAPHER. Photographers with primarily second photographer experience may also be considered, depending on the quality of work.  

I take care of a majority of the business-side of the client relationship: lead management, client communications, questionnaires, billing, contracts, etc. Though you will have some contact with the couples.
We edit all images from the engagement and wedding day
We pay you a flat rate based on package booked (Depending on Experience Level) to book the wedding date, photograph the wedding and deliver all images to us; we pay a retainer to hold the date and the balance after we receive all of the images of the day.
We are able to offer additional dates and second tier of pricing to inquiring clients while you still get to do what you love and we do most of the work!
We will build off of your current photography knowledge and train you in our style over time!

You LOVE weddings
You have photographed at least 5 weddings on your own; preference to those who have photographed at least 20 weddings as lead photographer
You love people
You have a warm, charismatic personality
You love photography and know how to work your gear
You're cool as a cucumber under stress
You are well-organized and on-time
You have reliable transportation
You have your own professional camera(s) and lenses; and off-camera flash equipment!
You understand that almost all weddings take place on Saturdays or Sundays and your occasional weekday wedding and you're ok to spend summer weekends photographing a wedding!
You have a portfolio of work that we can see
You love to take photos, but you don't want to run the "business side" of things

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